Sailor jupiter tiara. #FunCostumes (11 Photos)

Azabu-Juuban , Minato ward; Tokyo, Japan. Sailor Moon Artemis Hoodie Blanket. Sailor Luna. Status updates Twitter tumblr SMF talk thread. Contents [ show ]. Makoto's cameo at the end of Codename: Sailor V: Chapter Sailor Mars then attacked Jadeite with her Akuryo Taisan , destroying both him and the tiara. Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Tiara. Sailor Moon Brooch Bag.

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Sailor Jupiter is also the princess of the planet Jupiter. The following article is currently being improved for the benefit of all visitors. At school, Makoto accidentally bumps into Usagi and gets yelled at by a teacher who tells her to wear a proper uniform. She also has green heels with a strap across the ankle.

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Her symbol is always on her forehead. Her front bow remains pink, while the back bow changes from pink to light green and has ribbons of the same color flowing from it. Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Tiara.

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Moon Kingdom , Crystal Tokyo. Her tiara is the same base color as the rest of the Sailor Senshi's; gold. Recently Viewed Items Recently Viewed.

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Namespaces Article Discussion. No lightning rod just yet Size Chart. Attacking and destroying enemies Sailor Moon only. The rest of her outfit is white. A bright light flashes from the gem on her tiara. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of myths of the thunder gods.

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And, with this, you can transform with a single flourish without needing the whole transformation fanfare! Her sleeves were white with green ornamentation, and her front bow, top skirt, and part of the fuku had gold trim. Sailor Jupiter was the fifth and last Senshi discovered by the moon cats in 20th-century Tokyo.

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You'll feel the confidence and kick-butt attitude of the third Sailor to join the crew when you wear her Sailor Jupiter Tiara. She dwelt in Io Castle. Skip to main content. Privacy policy About WikiMoon Disclaimers.

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