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With her imaginary boyfriend Makoto, obsessive and psychotic behavior, and bloody solutions, Kotonoha is definitely one creepy anime girl that you should not mess with. Dark Princess. All of that changes when she incidentally shares a kiss with Tanukichi, her childhood crush. Shiki MAL Rated 8. Well, it's also thanks to her psychoticism that we have the beautiful ending that can only be School Days. Enter an ordinary yet enigmatic Medicine Seller Kusuriuri whose sole mission is to cleanse the world of the Mononoke Mononoke is a series of five story archs, each of which deal with Mononoke. Enma Ai, the Hell Girl, is the middleman who creates the contracts and sets them in action. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. Horror Anime.

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Although Elfen Lied perfectly delivers on the horror front, it manages to keep things light by tackling multiple themes. Open Me Up! Although Miyu has mainly good intentions and she chooses her human victims very carefully, from time to time she enjoys playing with human lives. Scaring me, that is.

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Creepy Anime Girl. Further amplifying her creepiness is the nature of her quirk where she has to suck blood of a person in order to take their appearance. She is known as Hell Girl because her job consists on taking the souls of her victims directly to Hell.

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Now that she's in high school, it's time to take a look at herself in the mirror and fix the problem, but mirrors don't lie and what Tomoko sees isn't what she expected. With her imaginary boyfriend Makoto, obsessive and psychotic behavior, and bloody solutions, Kotonoha is definitely one creepy anime girl that you should not mess with. Harry Potter. Satsuki takes up the task of ridding the town of these ghosts and gets to kick some ghost ass in the process!

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I voted Hell Girl. That look with her eyes wide open is your queue to run like hell. From obsession to bloodlust, creepy anime girls can really catch viewers off guard. Now, sit back and enjoy our Frankentastic list of creepy beauties! Top 15 Action Romance Anime. Kaede Fuyou is that sweet girl who just loves cooking for you and taking care of you. You've never know if she was nourishing you or poisoning you! Hellsing is a stylish and popular series about a special organization that protects against the undead.

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Who's your favorite creepy anime girl? To provide a better website experience, reelrundown. Staff Spooky scary ghosts are a common basis for many horror movies and anime.

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Combined with Priscilla's control of youki and skill, Priscilla is not a predator you want stalking you. Previous Articles. Top Ten Creepiest, Spookiest Anime.

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