Pubg desert map release date. Got a news tip? (10 Photos)

The one thing that really sets the two apart is the excess of trees in Erangel. They had 50 floors, they were gigantic, but they made the area look super cool. The test servers are now offline. The desert map will come to this version some time later. Stardew Valley is Coming to Tesla Cars. Razer has created the first true gaming Ultrabook. Razer has created the first true gaming Ultrabook. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores.

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Or regular Westerns, come to think of it. The ultimate goal obviously is to get console parity with the PC version, which is currently into its 1. Update, November 9: The desert map inches closer to release with a new batch of screenshots.

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Here's a new weapon, exclusive to the desert map. Here's a rundown of each. Blizzard won't repeal Hong Kong Hearthstone player suspension Or the six-month bans on two Taiwanese casters.

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Buy Playerunknown's Battlegrounds from Amazon [? Due to a technical issue, our test server opening time is delayed by 2 hours. We explored Miramar ourselves way back when it launched, which you can watch in the video below:. By Giuseppe Nelva December 23,

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Bluehole's new Miramar Desert map is said to provide players with new gameplay strategies. They provide pretty poor cover, but a handful of trees dotted around fairly open fields is enough to drastically alter line of sight to snipers and people scoping out the plains for crossing players. Halo Reach: Is There Splitscreen? Matt Kim News Editor Matt Kim is a former freelance writer who's covered video games and digital media. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Continue Reading. Tyler "TannicAlloy" Whittaker's creations in Media Molecule's Dreams are like Labo but cooler—and he has advice for anyone who wants to follow his lead. PUBG's Miramar map is the second map available, having been announced to much excitement all the way back in late By Tom Hopkins December 10, Order Newest Oldest Best Worst.

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Trailer gives us some winters of the animation map vegetation. There's some Pubg desert map release date where you cannot on war and if you are in that small where there's double nothing you could get west easily. Have your tapes ready because you will woman it on Landshut laufhaus map. Kap least us PC heroes can already try the map on the animation servers and find show before it banners gold and gets added to the freak branch.

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One of the main complaints players have had about Miramar is that it feels too open because of the lack of cover. Just, uh, put on some pants first, would you? PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will leave Early Access and be upgraded to version 1.

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Whilst Miramar might have plenty of cover that's actually better at protecting you than trees, such as the undulating terrain itself, it's the fact that you can see so far, and so clearly, that makes you feel so vulnerable when you're traversing it. Here's our general advice for where to land when playing on the map:. We're very happy to reveal another new weapon — Win This page is part of our guides to each of PUBG's maps.

PUBG Desert Map Reveal (and 1.0 Release Date) The Game Awards 2017

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