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Le Destin de Lisa Le destin de Bruno. Sign In. Clear your history. His father is a hunter. Bollywood dans les Alpes. Edit Alexandra Neldel. Autoroute racer. Le Destin de Bruno - Saison 1. Espaces de noms Article Discussion.

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La Femme interdite. Alexandra Neldel was born in in West Berlin, Germany. In she was discovered by the boss of a German casting agency during a polo competition.

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In she was discovered by the boss of a German casting agency during a polo competition. She is often considered as a sex-symbol , too - but she always refuses this kind of expression. Showing all 9 items. Lommbock Date de sortie inconnue.

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She never really studied acting, her principle has always been "learning by doing". Edit Alexandra Neldel. Why am I seeing this?

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Bang Boom Bang - Ein todsicheres Ding. Berlin, Berlin - Saison 3. La Belle et le boxeur TV. Le Testament de la catin. Einfach Rosa: Wolken über Kapstadt. La Grande cavale 9 octobre Berlin, Berlin - Saison 2.

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