Homemade bowling ball cleaner. How to Clean Bowling Ball (23 Photos)

Dishwasher or dish soap detergents do a good job of removing foreign material from the surface of a bowling ball. It does not contain any chemicals that will be damaging to the lane and it can be used for any lane, no matter the amount of oil that is on it. And because the MOTIV power gel comes with a unique scouring compound mixture, your surfaces will not only be clean but oil-free as well. Soak the ball for 15 minutes, then scrub with a soft-bristled brush. I would highly recommend this cleaner for this cleaning efficiency. Search Home Balls Expand menu Collapse menu. Saves me some money too. Any soft cotton towel will work. Steven Hero Member Posts: We have decided to look a little deeper at the top cleaners and find out exactly which ones are ideal for you.

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Member Posts: I read about it and that was the ratio that was given. For the price, this product is really affordable and since you will be using less of the product on the bowling ball, you will actually be saving some money as well. Dishwasher or dish soap detergents do a good job of removing foreign material from the surface of a bowling ball.

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Generated in 0. CONS May run out of formula after constant use as it comes in a small bottles. Use a towel to keep your hands clean and dry to prevent skin oil and moisture in the finger holes.

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Author Topic: Is there anything at home I can use to clean my bowling balls? With proper care and maintenance, your ball will last for years. Using this in conjunction with another cleaner will certainly be effective. I don't know that to be true but I have not found it to be particularly useful in cleaning bowling balls.

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The stuff I was using before left a sticky, gummy residue that if allowed to stay on the ball, really effected its performance negatively. Bowling balls can be easily cleaned at home after a night at the lanes. CONS Spray cap pops off sometimes. I think the alcohol would help remove any possible residue that SG leaves. Havent tried it yet, but i want to. Once the car heats up, watch the oil come out of the ball. Anyone know if Simple G. CONS May run out of formula after constant use as it comes in a small bottles. As you bowl, oil and dirt from the lanes adsorb into the coverstock of the bowling ball.

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The cleaner also adds to the finish of the bowling ball and this will give you additional reaction. TTforshort Hero Member Posts: Always be sincere, even when you don't mean it. Related Posts.

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No problem, artimust. This will help remove the oil before it starts to soak into the ball. Once the marks have been removed, the bowling ball will look great and brand new again. While this cleaner is not one of my favorites, I gave it a go and found that it does remove some of the oil from the lanes.

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